Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Travel: D.C. for the Holidays

Somehow I racked up over a hundred hours of vacation at work. With the year winding down, I figured it was time to commit to a trip. So I booked a ticket and flew out to spend the Thanksgiving weekend visiting my friend Emily in Washington D.C.

Along with Emily's parents and boyfriend Adam, we checked out a few of the must-sees in the area starting with George Washington's digs, Mt. Vernon.
Mt. Vernon 09b

Some of the animals (yes a camel!) living on the grounds of Mt. Vernon. Apple the turkey is one of the birds that President Obama pardoned this year. After the holidays Apple will be moved to a special pen where he will live out his days with his brother, Cider!
Mt. Vernon animals

Mt. Vernon 07bleaf

After Mt. Vernon we made it over to Arlington National Cemetery. We were lucky with a little left over fall color. It really is a moving experience.
Mt. Vernon 10b

Mt. Vernon 12b

Mt. Vernon 13b

A view of the Washington Monument from Arlington. Can you see it? Right in the middle.
Wash Monb


The sky as the evening sets in on a long day!
Arligton skyb

A view of the Capitol building from a terrace deck at the Newseum in downtown D.C.
Capitol 01b

Capitol 03b

Special thanks to Emily and Adam! Thanks for showing me a great time and being great friends!
Em and Adam

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

In need of a good home

I think it's pretty evident that I have a fondness for animals, some may even call it a "bleeding heart." When my friend Betsy told me she had found a litter of kittens abandoned on her property, I knew I had to stop by and meet (love) them for myself. While Betsy and her boyfriend Chad are caring for these furballs now, they'd ultimately like to find a good home(s) for them.

I hope these photos convince you to acquire a feline compainion, I can put you in touch with Betsy!

111210_Betsy Kitties_01blog

111210_Betsy Kitties_03blog

Betsy will probably kill me for posting this, but it's my blog! ;) They have the same crystal blue eyes!
111210_Betsy Kitties_02blog

OMGz, I love me some kitties!
111210_Betsy Kitties_06blog

111210_Betsy Kitties_04blog

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Never a dull moment!

Whew! What a game that was! Michigan broke their losing streak with a 17 touchdown, four field goal, triple overtime 67-65 (this is a football score!) win against Illinois on Saturday. So much action that I can't really remember what even happend! It was a wild game to witness and the other photographers and myself certainly got a work out running from to end to end.

If you'd like to see AnnArbor.com's full gallery from last weekend, click here!

I am gearing up for an away game to Purdue this weekend. Fingers crossed for good weather!

110610_SPT_Umichi vs. Ill _MRM

The Michigan Marching Band is pretty major. When I was a kid, my dad received of one of their performance CD's and it was always on repeat!
110610_SPT_Umichi vs. Ill _MRM

Saturday's home game was in honor of Veterans.
110610_SPT_Umichi vs. Ill _MRM

110610_SPT_Umichi vs. Ill _MRM

110610_SPT_Umichi vs. Ill _MRM

A couple photos shot from behind!
110610_SPT_Umichi vs. Ill _MRM

110610_SPT_Umichi vs. Ill _MRM

110610_SPT_Umichi vs. Ill _MRM

I really don't get worked up about celebrities or athletes. But I am not gunna lie and say I didn't get a little excited to see Detroit Red Wing Kris Draper on the sideline!
110610_SPT_Umichi vs. Ill _MRM

Photos in this post © AnnArbor.com 2010

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Author Susan McCoy

I was recently contacted by one of my mom's dearest friends Susan McCoy. I've known her since my teen years when she was the librarian at my alma mater, Livonia Franklin High School. Susan recently published a memoir and asked for some promotional photos to use for her new blog and for her speaking engagements around the state.

I think it takes big courage to write things down on paper and even more to offer it up to the world.  Most importantly, Susan is following her heart and I think that's the biggest inspiration of all!

If you want to know more about why Susan is in this tree then you should check out her book!

I caught this moment of Rick, Susan's husband, and their dog George while Susan was getting ready for our shoot. Susan has spent the last seven years as a caretaker for her husband after he fell ill.


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Photographing Katie and Pete

Katie and I have traded over a dozen emails trying to make her engagement photos happen. You see, Katie is a teacher at a metro Detroit school and her fiance Pete is a sports reporter (at AnnArbor.com!) and they work completely opposite schedules. Throw in the fact that I have totally abnormal hours and we had a bit of a timing dilemma!

Turns out the scheduling Gods and the weather Gods had a conversation and decided to take pity on us. They offered up a beautiful Sunday afternoon and we took full advantage, ending the day high above downtown Ann Arbor with a amazing sunset!

This photo reminds me of a movie poster. Although, if you know Pete, he'd be on the cover of a comedy film. Easily voted the funniest guy in the newsroom.




We hit up a spot Katie found while researching photo locations on theKnot.com. Turned out to be a great place!





As I mentioned before, Pete is quite the jokester. And although I couldn't hear most of this discussion I know it had to be good!


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Monday, November 1, 2010

Photographing Heather and Chris

Heather is an upstate New Yorker and currently a Ph.D Candidate in the department of Biological Chemistry at the University of Michigan. The university is where she met her fiance Chris, a tall, dark and handsome Texan. Chris now lives and works in Chicago and makes frequent trips up to Michigan to visit Heather as she works on her studies. The pair are planning a summer wedding in Heather's home state.

We hit up the Law Quad at the university for their engagement photos on a recent October weekend. Congratulations to a lovely and fun couple!

102410_Heather and Chris_95blog

102410_Heather and Chris_606bwblog

102410_Heather and Chris_274blog

102410_Heather and Chris_130blog

102410_Heather and Chris_432bwb

102410_Heather and Chris_259blog

102410_Heather and Chris_317blog
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