Monday, April 5, 2010

No camera, no problem!

With my D3 sent into the techies over at Nikon, I've been feeling a little lonely lately. When my brother Jeff, sister Julianne and I decided to visit our mom and her boyfriend Mark out at his boat in Detroit for Easter this past Sunday, I decided to use what I have. And what I have is cell phone. I have been dumb-founded by what people can produce with cell phone cameras. I use mine mostly to photograph my cats. (Lucky them!) So here is my attempt at iPhone photography while out on a walk around the marina yesterday.

And just who is "top priority" around here?
Boat 1blog

This is where Mark and mom keep the boat, it's called a dockominium, get it? :)
Boat 2blog

Boat 6blog

Boat 3blog

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  1. You HAVE to get Hipstamatic for your iPhone. You'll love all the filters, flashes and gels that you can buy. It's addciting. I've started a daily self portrait series. They're on my tumblr and flickr accounts.

    Great shots Miss M.