Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vintage finds

I checked out the first weekend of the Ann Arbor Antiques Market today with my mom and Mark. Lots of interesting items and people to look at.

How I love Danish Modern design! Threw in some peanut men for good measure.
041710 A2 Antiques 2blog

041710 A2 Antiques 3blog

041710 A2 Antiques 5blog

These are antique chocolate molds. The large bunny on the left was made in 1937 and sells for $38,500! The merchant said that a solid chocolate bunny weighs 75lbs!
041710 A2 Antiques 11blog

Meet Tulip! Middle name Bouquet! I kid you not.
041710 A2 Antiques 4

041710 A2 Antiques 10blog

These are string holders.
041710 A2 Antiques 6blog

I guess one got away!!
041710 A2 Antiques 9blog

Self portrait!
041710 A2 Antiques 8blog


  1. Speaking as a dog person, I LOVE Tulip! She looks scrappy.

    Also, I really like the photo of the letterpress stamps. Could you make a print of it?

  2. Thanks, Chyrsta! I can make a print of anything!

  3. ADORE everything about this post Mel. The only thing missing is ME beside YOU taking it all in to! SO FUN!

  4. I love your photo blog! I want to go to this market