Saturday, April 24, 2010

A love for something old

I came across my first piece of vintage Pyrex at an antique store in Kalamazoo. Up until then I only knew the Pyrex brand from the label on the bottom of a standard glass measuring cup.

I did some research (even bought a book!) and learned that the glassware was very popular in the 40's, 50's and 60's because it was affordable, durable and came in a variety of colors and patterns. Colors and patterns? Straight to my heart!

Nowadays, Pyrex can be found at most flea markets and antique stores for very affordable prices and you can often find pieces in great condition. I certainly enjoy finding new patterns and shapes to add to my collection, but I also like the idea of furthering it's life and respecting something from the past.

Below is a photo of the red bowl I picked up for $8 this past weekend at the Ann Arbor Antiques Market. It was one of only 6 pieces I saw at the entire market! Certainly not a huge inventory.
Pyrex 4blog

Here is how you know something is indeed Pyrex. Just flip the piece over and look for this stamp.
Pyrex 1blog

A few of my favorite pieces. The small white bowl with orange poka-dots I bought at a garage sale for $.25!
Pyrex 2blog

My handy salt container. I really like to use my Pyrex, what good is it sitting on a shelf?
Pyrex 3blog

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