Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photographing Kristine and Matt

I meet up with Michigan PhD candidates Kristine and Matt to shoot their engagement photos over the holiday weekend. The pair are getting married in Kristine's home state of Hawaii but have decided to do a special set of engagement photos so that Matt could have his home state represented! Go Michigan!

We hit up the Diag at the University of Michigan, befriended a hairless squirrel, spoiled the fun of some photo-crashing teenagers and ended the shoot cooling our feet in the fountain at Ingalls Mall. I honestly had a great time!

Congrats Kristine and Matt and best wishes!

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_765

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_2

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_484

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_646

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_540

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_1

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_887

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_1056


  1. Cute images Mel! I like the fountain shot. Kudos to snagging a couple who'll jump right in :)

  2. We couldn't be happier with how the pictures turned out Melanie. Thanks SO much for the shots and for an absolutely wonderful evening!

  3. you captured their happiness in many distinct moments. Favorite is the umbrella shot. A married couple seeks togetherness in a world that can be too bright at times.