Thursday, June 3, 2010

A weekend whirlwind

My long-time friend Emily, who now lives in Washington D.C., came home this past weekend for the holiday. As usual when she visits, she had a long list of places and people to see. I tagged along as we drove up to Petoskey to visit her 92-year-old "Gra."We stopped at CMU, our alma mater (Emily still knows the words to the alma mater song, dork!) and hit Lake Michigan in Charlevoix

Adam, Eric and Emily listening to Gra as she looks at an old photo of her family taken when she was a child.
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The seal at Warriner Mall on campus at Central Michigan University.
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We took a short ferry ride to cross over to Charlevoix and then checked out the pier and lighthouse on Lake Michigan.
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The hunt for Petoskey stones!
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  1. glad Em came to visit :)

  2. Love the pics as usual Mel!

  3. Oooo pretty stones!!