Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When it really is the camera's fault

As a photographer you have to learn to anticipate. You anticipate a moment for a great emotional photo. You anticipate problems, always pack an extra battery or flash card and as a boy scout, are always prepared. But somethings you can't anticipate, like your D3 slowly turning on you, such is what happened to me tonight at the Michigan women's basketball game that I was shooting for Off to Nikon repair it goes! Fingers crossed it's still under warranty.

Fortunately, these intruding streaks (banding) didn't ruin my entire take and I was able to come away with enough clean photos to save my work hide! Here's a link to the gallery.

Here is the problem at hand:

Banding 2 Blog
Photo Copyright 2010
banding blog

 Banding 3blog
Photo Copyright 2010

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