Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Portrait of Two Chairs

Those who know me, know I love to collect things. I'm not a crazy collector, you'll find no hoarding here, but I've got small collections. Pyrex dishes, teapots, fabrics and even a box of Lego men circa 1992. Part of the fun of collecting is the thrill of the hunt, or find, in my case. Although two isn't exactly a collection, these new additions to my living room were a thrilling find! I came across them a few weekends ago while at an antique store in Eastern Market. There was a going out of business sale and I snatched up these mid-century, Grand Rapids, MI made chairs (along with a beat up end table) for $75! Best deal in the world? Who knows. The price was worth the find and I can now end my endless hunting on Criagslist!

Special thanks to Mark for the wood-working surgery needed to save the life of the one on the right!



    Nick and I got a pair kinda like these (so not as comfortable, however) and they're still sitting in the garage! Picked 'em up at a neighbor's garage sale. They need refinishing though!

  2. Nice! I totally have those same, green cubes. I use them to hold my vinyl records. Got em' at Target?

  3. Thanks Gail! From one "mod" girl to another, I know you can appreciate!

    @Nic, those are definitely from Target! The best place on earth! :)