Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photographing Karen and Adam

Karen and Adam meet in an orientation group as undergrads at Eastern Michigan University. They became fast friends and
after a couple of years started dating. It was at EMU where the pair met, fell in love and eventually became engaged while
on an evening walk around campus.

This past weekend Karen and Adam went from being in love and engaged, to in love and married.  They were wed at Good Shepherd Methodist Church and held a beautiful reception at the Dearborn Inn, both in Dearborn, Michigan.

To Karen and Adam, I wish you a lifetime of love, happiness and laughter! Congratulations!

Here they sit on the porch of a Edgar Allan Poe replica house on the property of the Dearborn Inn. 

See the raven? Pretty cool, huh?




If it's one thing I learned about Karen and Adam (probably mostly Karen) it's that they love sandwiches.  Here the fellas
pose at the sandwich shop just down the street from their house.

Look at these rings! They are not only beautiful, but they were specially designed and handmade by Karen's best friend and
maid of honor, Jenna.


Not only were Karen and Adam's rings handmade, but so was Karen's dress. Her mother lovingly stitched her daughter's dress for the big day! 




Beatles cover band! Complete with wigs, tight pants and fake accents!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Multnomah Falls - Portland, Oregon

When my recent adventure in Portland led to a visit to the Multnomah Falls I found myself breathing deep, literally, a breath of fresh air! Having just survived a cold and snowy Michigan winter, the sight of anything green was enough to send me into photographic overdrive! The benefit of that is a super, earthy-green blog post full of photos!

The falls are located on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge and at 620 feet tall, is the tallest waterfall in the state.






Emily and Eryn served in Peace Corps Ukraine together. Here they are practicing their best Russian expressions. At right:
Adam shows off his best ninja in a cave expression.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello Portland!

Hello Portland! It's about damn time! Around 2006 I became very interested in visiting Portland, Oregon.  I heard friends
and strangers alike boast of it's laid back, earthy "hipness." I mean, what's not to love? Mountains, coffee, every type of
artisans known to (wo)man, shoot, I was sold. It may have taken several years to get there, but this past weekend I finally
did. My life-long BFF (Emily! seen in such previous blog adventures as D.C. for the Holidays and A weekend whirlwind) mentioned that she had a good friend from Peace Corps (Eryn) who lived in Portland and we should go visit. No-brainer!

Below is a view from my seat on the plane. If you look far off into the distance you can see two mountains. There were
some discrepancies on the plane, but they are some combinations of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helen or Mt. Rainier.

Eryn and her boyfriend Adam met us at the airport and mentioned that it was the first day of the Portland Farmer's Market,
we all know I never turn down a farmers market!


Portland is known for having food cart communities grouped all over town. They offer every genre of food you can think of
and it's cheap too!



We spent an afternoon wine tasting outside of downtown in Dundee, Oregon. It's a beautiful area.


Tastes from Erath.


Beautiful view, with a little sunshine, from the 30th floor at the Portland City Grille in downtown. What a great way to end a
great trip!

Big thanks to my favorite people in all of Portland, Eryn and Adam! Thanks for taking us in and showing us a super time!