Monday, June 28, 2010

Meeting baby Lena

On Sunday I got to meet little lady Lena D'Adonna, the six-month-old of my college friends Dan and Corene. As you can tell, she is a sweet, sweet girl. Can't wait to watch her grow!

Lena and Danb

Grill master

Turns out that I am obsessed with grilling. For the second weekend in a row, I bought every vegetable I could find and I cooked the heck out of them on the grill.

062610 The Boat 1b

My sister and I went down to Detroit to visit my mom this past weekend. Lots of eating and lots of relaxing.
062610 The Boat 2b

062610 The Boat 3b

Over looking the Detroit River.
062610 The Boat 4b

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tornado sirens aplenty

Seems like we've had our fair share of tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm watches lately! Here's hoping that the upcoming forecast of 74 degree weather is 0% humidity and 100% well deserved!

062710_Wet Leaf_MRM

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Moon & Clock Tower

Here's a beauty shot of the Burton Memorial Tower, located on Michigan's campus, that I made while out and about tonight.
Bell Towerblog

Never leave your corn unattended

My sister Julianne and I put together a fantastic early Father's Day dinner for our dad, Jack. We grilled up all sorts of veggies: asparagus, onions, peppers and of course some corn on the cob. Dinner was awesome and became entertainment only after I got up to get a napkin from the kitchen. I returned to Dad's kitty, Phoebe, stealing my half eaten corn off my plate and destroying it, right there on the table.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tiger Marge

Marge Colburn is turning 90! To celebrate her birthday and devotion to her favorite baseball team, season ticket-holder and super fan, Tiger Marge was invited to throw out the first pitch at last Tuesday's game at Comerica Park. Sporting special Tigers "Colburn 90" t-shirts, Marge, her four children, Elizabeth, Sarah, William and Mary, and a fan club of 35 people gathered to celebrate the big day.

Tiger Marge

Marge reacting to a birthday card signed by former Tiger and Hall of Famer Al Kaline!
Tiger Marge

In the underbelly of Comerica, on our way to the field.
Tiger Marge

Reacting to her fans as she waits to enter the field.
Tiger Marge

Marge fist-bumping the man himself, Tigers manager Jim Leyland
Tiger Marge

This seems like the logical spot for a photo of Tiger Marge throwing out the first pitch. You might ask, Melanie, where is a photo of the first pitch? Well, that's a surprise for the family for later! :)

Left: Marge holds the ball she had signed by her favorite player Brandon Inge. Right: Celebrating a home run!
Tiger Marge

Tiger Marge

Group shot!
Tiger Marge

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Evening sky

There was an amazing sunset in my rear view mirror as I was driving home from Williamston this evening. I just missed the sun by the time I finally decided to pull over at a gas station.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flipping for soccer

Soccer can be a very physical sport. I was assigned to shoot Ann Arbor Huron vs. Saline girls soccer district match-up last week. It was a tense match that blew through regulation, two overtime periods and ended with a Huron win after a shoot-out. Sometimes waiting is worth it.

Here is a still from a dramatic trip that turn into a flip taken from the series of images show below.
060310_SPT_Huron vs Saline Soccer_MRM

Soccer Flip2blog

Huron players react after winning a shoot-out to beat Saline
060310_SPT_Huron vs Saline Soccer_MRM

060310_SPT_Huron vs Saline Soccer_MRM

Photos © 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A weekend whirlwind

My long-time friend Emily, who now lives in Washington D.C., came home this past weekend for the holiday. As usual when she visits, she had a long list of places and people to see. I tagged along as we drove up to Petoskey to visit her 92-year-old "Gra."We stopped at CMU, our alma mater (Emily still knows the words to the alma mater song, dork!) and hit Lake Michigan in Charlevoix

Adam, Eric and Emily listening to Gra as she looks at an old photo of her family taken when she was a child.
Up North1233blog

The seal at Warriner Mall on campus at Central Michigan University.
Up North1230blog

We took a short ferry ride to cross over to Charlevoix and then checked out the pier and lighthouse on Lake Michigan.
Up North1235blog

Up North1238blog

Up North1240blog

The hunt for Petoskey stones!
Up North1237blog

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photographing Kristine and Matt

I meet up with Michigan PhD candidates Kristine and Matt to shoot their engagement photos over the holiday weekend. The pair are getting married in Kristine's home state of Hawaii but have decided to do a special set of engagement photos so that Matt could have his home state represented! Go Michigan!

We hit up the Diag at the University of Michigan, befriended a hairless squirrel, spoiled the fun of some photo-crashing teenagers and ended the shoot cooling our feet in the fountain at Ingalls Mall. I honestly had a great time!

Congrats Kristine and Matt and best wishes!

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_765

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_2

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_484

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_646

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_540

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_1

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_887

052910_ENGAGE_Kristine & Matt_1056