Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Jersey Shore

Well, not that Jersey Shore, well, maybe a little of that Jersey Shore.

I took a four-day vacation and flew into Atlantic City to meet up with family staying at a house on the shore in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. I know it seems strange to vacation in New Jersey, especially seeing as none of us had ever visited, but my mom placed a bid on a weeks stay during a charity auction, and bam, we were going to Jersey. We had a great, and HUMID time enjoying the beach, the food and a little Jersey (or is it Philly?) "wurta ice," or water ice.

Sunset over Sea Isle and the nightclub across the street from the nice house we stayed at.
0710 Jersey 10blog

The beach was just steps from our door.
0710 Jersey 02blog

0710 Jersey 15Blog

A masterpiece dinner we prepared with all local ingredients, so tasty!
0710 Jersey 11Blog

0710 Jersey 03Blog

Here is the view from the balcony, we had a good view of the ocean and the only open air bar in town.
0710 Jersey 16blog

0710 Jersey 20blog

0710 Jersey 12Blog

One random brother, who wishes to remain anonymous, mom and mark make their way down the street at sunset. On the right, we stayed in the left side of this lovely duplex.
0710 Jersey 06blog

Everywhere you look there's a pizza. I'm not gunna argue that.
0710 Jersey 05Blog

When seagulls attack, Atlantic City boardwalk.
0710 Jersey 19blog

I started this post with a sunset, so I guess I'll end it with one too. Sunset through the windows of the Atlantic City airport overlooking the runway, as we wait out a delay.
0710 Jersey 21blog


  1. LOVE that seashell pic!

  2. Thanks, Kristine! My mom took home a whole pile full of them!

  3. These are beautiful pictures. I have also spent many great times at this house as owners are personal friends, and many years "down the shore" in Sea Isle. You have captured the beauty of the area perfectly!