Saturday, July 3, 2010

Feeling creative? Hit the kitchen

I am often struck with involved visions of creativity. These flashes tend come in the form of massive projects that I am woefully unprepared for and must attempt to satisfy immediately, such as sewing new curtains for every window in the house in a weekend or knitting everyone's Christmas gifts the night before the big day. I am sure you can guess how these "visions" turn out. Over the years I've started to learn how to harness my creativity, often satisfying the need to create, by simpler, less involved means. One of the most convenient ways is cooking, well, minus the mess and dishes. There is nothing convenient about dishes.

Here is a farmer's market hash I made for breakfast earlier this week.
Farmer's Market Hash

Lemon pepper crusted sole, with sautéed spinach, tomato, lemon aioli and Zingerman's bread!
Fish Sandwich

And while I know I didn't exactly cook these, I couldn't help but take their picture. Fantastic made in Michigan summer treat!

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