Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photographing Shannon and Tony

Shannon, a well educated, traveled and independent gal met Tony, a talented musician and educator while they were working
at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in 2007. The pair became engaged after Tony was inspired to craft lyrics and a tune. He performed his musical proposal for Shannon while they were on vacation and the rest is history!  Shannon recently moved to Chicago to begin her career as an attorney while Tony finishes up his obligations in Michigan. While they may be living in different states for now, it's clear they are meant to be together!

Shannon and Tony fell in love in Detroit and they have some major love for Detroit. So where else would we shoot their engagement photos? We hit up Belle Isle and made some of my favorite photos of the day.
Shannon and Tony and Geese 01b

I'm not sure if Shannon could smile any bigger in this photo! (Big ups for being extra prepared with boots suitable for running through the snow in mid-February!)
021211 Shannon and Tony 02b

Love that Detroit skyline!
021211 Shannon and Tony 01b

Definitely one of my favorites from our shoot! I couldn't decide between color or black and white, so you get both!
021211 Shannon and Tony 06Ab

021211 Shannon and Tony 04bbw

021211 Shannon and Tony 14b

A trip down memory lane. Shannon and Tony shared their first date at Comerica Park!
021211 Shannon and Tony 10Ab

We hit up Greektown and were welcomed with some sweet light!
021211 Shannon and Tony 03b

021211 Shannon and Tony 13ab

We ended our afternoon with a stop at Hart Plaza and some photos in front of the sculpture "Transcending."
021211 Shannon and Tony 12b

Congratulations, friends! Much love, laughter and happiness!
021211 Shannon and Tony 11bwb

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  1. These are really sweet Mel! I love the shots with the geese too!