Thursday, October 7, 2010

Football action

With the Michigan football team away last weekend I was assigned to shoot Eastern Michigan take on Ohio University. The Eagles lost dropping their record for the season to 0-5.

One of the nice things about shooting at this EMU game were the nearly empty sidelines, the complete opposite of UM's sidelines. This is a positive because it allows a shooter to get a bit closer to the action and not waste time jockeying for position, shoulder to shoulder with other photographers, television shooters, cheerleaders and those lucky enough to have a sideline pass.

It amazes me how tough college football players are. Can you imagine if this was just another day at work for you? Somebody get this guy an ice pack!
100210_SPT_EMU vs OU_MRM

100210_SPT_EMU vs OU_MRM

Despite the crummy weather and the losing record there was an excited crowd on hand.
100210_SPT_EMU vs OU_MRM

100210_SPT_EMU vs OU_MRM

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